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exhibition 27 april - 30 june 2006

Artoong studio à Bordeaux Chartrons france

free entrance

Art installation

«Curvilinear Variations»

A design combining organic suspensions and polycarbonates  : a world of line without drawing or paper. . .


I wanted to affirm the line as an environment of canes and threads, then make this line disappear into a sort of calligraphy which could be an architectural expression of «neither inside nor outside». Another place altogether with a propensity for broadening the palette of our perceptions. The curvilinear formation of an organic architecture implies positional problems which determine space «basic planes», getting rid of the idea of volume. The fields of tension thus defined, feed spaces which confront the more classically pictoral spaces of the winding lines of polycarbonates. In the 1980’s and ‘90’s my work on polycarbonates was built on the resonance of inertia revealing the presence of phonemes in matter. Today, with these simple interactions - lines / canes, threads / tensions, inertia / phoneme and curvilinear lines/windings lines, I am in search of some tangible manifestation of one of the memories of time’s arrow which I place in these space planes.


Tag(s) : #contemporary art
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