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Contemporary art – visual arts

Exhibition of a video installation by artist Lili-oto with Artoong Studio. A video projection for a combination of space-time and the notion of diegetic contemporaneity in the context of a post-emergence with his artistic movement of New relativity. A movement fictional, poetic and virtual playing within the limits of the attacks and provocation, Known provocations by the communities of blogs or bloggers on Internet. An exhibition in a charming house : Casalys, (in Casalys, you will find evocations of Italy, Spain and Morocco, in a residence that dates from the 18th century) in the heart of the Pyrenean Piedmont in the high valley of river aude in the city of Quillan , a land of nature Between Carcassonne and Perpignan In the middle of Cathar castles
Opening / Vernissage : on wednesday, the 30th of March 2008, at 6 pm.
Exhibition from May 1 2008 to May 30 2008
Villa Casalys 49 grande rue Vaysse Barthélémy 11500 Quillan.France

art contemporain artiste plasticien lili-oto

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