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Always in the Palace of Versailles the french artist Lili-oto with its pink kitsch sculptures, the pink guillotine. A digital pink guillotine against the artistic movement neop pop, against speculators, against bankers, against the neoliberal globalization , against the international market corrupt of the contemporary art,  against world art market = speculation, conflict of interest, insider trading, against the political power which organizes this lucrative market corrupt... The pink guillotine is a symbol against the ultraliberalism, a political symbol, a symbol of political opposition against the neoliberal globalization. the pink guillotine, a symbol politic of left-wing and leftist used to describe support for social change with a view towards creating a more egalitarian society. The pink guillotine, a symbol against those who have plunged us into this economic crisis. Lili-oto proposes to build this pink guillotine if someone wants to fund its construction with stainless steel painted in pink, the pink guillotine measures 3.50 meters high. The blade is welded to both legs because the french artist Lili-oto  is against the death penalty, « don't cut people in two, because we are one and indivisible! ». Lili-oto artist in the wrong side of the art, visual arts and digital art or web art, founder of the artistic movement of the New Relativity. See lili-oto Art and Science artworks and theories... See Ethnology insignificant, the latent forms: installation : the light cones, art plant, gargoyle clay sculpture, wood cabin and video projection. Poet, screenwriter and movie set decorator. Absurd virtual candidate to be mayor of Bordeaux city, the highest ranking officer in a municipal government of local Bordeaux city, etc...


exhibit at Palace of Versailles

exhibition at Palace of Versailles

exhibition palace versailles

exhibition castle versailles france

exhibition castle versailles french

exhibition chateau versailles

exhibit chateau versailles

exhibition chateau versailles artist

exhibition chateau versailles artwork

exhibition palace versailles
exhibition palace versailles
exhibition palace of versailles
par lili-oto


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