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In France we love creating active in contemporary art, the government takes care of you!!! President Nicolas Sarkozy with his counsel for the artistic creation will motivate you to spread your contemporary creation. Do not hesitate to embrace this exeeded and corny culture of the french government. The culture of money dominates France as never before; only money and power is their official policy of the Ministry of Culture. find money has become the predominant activity for the artists in the visual arts, contemporary art, survive!!! speculation of the art market and the important art collectors are the only friends of the french government.

On this photo, a caricature of the french president with a money mustache or euro mustache and the riot police or riot control (the euro is the official currency of the member states of the European Union)

The artists in fine arts live in social exclusion, against this state of France, against this form of government, authoritarianism, police state and the repressive controls over the social, economic, artistic and political life of the french population.

Tag(s) : #contemporary art
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