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No fot the neo pop, The dissident french artist Lili-oto parodies the exhibition shows Jeff Koons at the Versailles Castle, facing the economic crisis, facing a bank crisis, a new relativity, artjacking, culture jamming, International Fair of Contemporary Art, 2008.

                       for the monarchs of Stock Exchange in the world
             for the monarchs of banks in the world

the only work of art news for the whole year 2008

lili-oto parodies Jeff Koons

Lili-oto parodies Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons parodied by lili-oto

Museum of Contemporary Art, patrons of artists and collectors of contemporary art:

How to acquire this art installation, this guillotine is not sharp because it is a artwork. We are not killers or wild as those

that control banks and stock exchange in this world. a certificate will give you permission to make this artwork will be available on ebay. lili-oto

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Tag(s) : #exposition chateau de versailles
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