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Open letter for the advertisement of the post of Director of the Aquitanian FRAC, Bordeaux, France. 

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Open letter... Bordeaux, October 17, 2006

Subject: announce candidature for the post of the director of the FRAC Aquitaine

For the attention of Madam the president of the Aquitanian FRAC-Collection

Madam the President,

Your advertisement for the post of director of the FRAC held all my attention.

A serious crisis plunges the artists plastics technicians in our country and especially in our area in an economy of survival. The social regression that we undergo authorizes me to question you on the design and the nature even of the structure of the FRAC Aquitaine.

Does Frac Aquitaine need really a new director? Two people in place: Marie-Anne Chambost charged with the collection and Xavier To winch-Schlachter administrator can be quite simply named deputy managers with each one the double administrative and artistic cap. This will make it possible to release wages and to allot it to the development of an active policy for the exposures. A supplementary budget for an institution choked by its operational budget.

I suggest that the amount of this supplementary budget is allocated exclusively with the plastics technicians resident in Aquitaine. The Regional Council must develop a dynamics based on the creative potential real and existing good to support the rise of a pole of creation of the visual arts or visual arts.

The new buildings of the FRAC by its interior architecture are suited to constant programming of exposures. Monthly and collective programming over twenty days of three artists resident in Aquitaine with the paid rights of presentation. Each ten day old cut leaves to the team the care to be occupied of the collection, conservation, restoration, of the programming and the radiation of the structure. Over ten months, they would be thirty artists exposed plastics technicians. It is completely conceivable to organize in more of this programming two exposures of national or international interest. It is finally to seek a solution or a mediation like the expression of an alliance between the requirements of the creativity and the constraints financial.

- is this a fold of the Aquitaine area on itself? The answer is not! If the Regional Council of Aquitaine impels the emergence of a true pole of creation with a political good-will and economic centered on the national and international diffusion of works of the plastics technicians in Aquitaine, it is a formidable tool which the Area offers to its artists plastics technicians. This pole must be found with cross other cultural but such economic synergies in the direction of a partnership step.

- A which addresses this pole of creation? With the artists plastics technicians, with the galleries, the collectives of artists and associative fabrics related to the practice of the visual arts or visual arts.

- Why two deputy managers? It will support the approach of the artists, because the complexity and the range of their activities oblige the decision makers today to fall under their projects. Bipolar, it has also the singularity to decentralize the function, to slow down the formatting and a priori.

I hope that this mail will be taken with serious and heard as a vector favorable to the imbroglio art-culture and artist-institutions. 
Sincerely yours






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