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In France since 25 years the state and the French cultural institution have excluded from the artists (painters, sculptors,...) for political or sectarian reasons.these Artists live today in misery, poverty and the contempt and some time they commit suicide. These Artists live in misery, poverty and the contempt and some time these artists commit suicide. The persons in charge are the republican French elected officials who adopt attitudes of monarchs supporting a cultural oligarchy and violating the pluralist character of the expression of the diversity of the artistic currents and the currents of thought. The antidemocratic French cultural institutions refuse to diffuse art in the name of its diversity in a complete and equitable way.The antidemocratic French cultural institutions program the artistic sets of themes their choices without taking into account artistic realities reflecting the artistic activity and concerns on the French territory. Artists since 25 years refuse to subject themselves to this authority or this cultural police. 




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