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association, Apea, Artists of arts visual or of Contemporary art in Aquitaine has the aim of promoting artistic creation and more particularly visual Arts. (…) Creativity, education, demonstrations, exposures, (…).  To help and defend the individual and collective interests of creation and the artistic life and its creators. Its adhesion is free for the artists of visual arts… We prepare a form which you will be able to fill directly on the following page. The association of Apea neither is helped, nor subsidized, not of money… You will find letters open for the regional art council ; FRAC (Aquitaine),… etc,… We estimate that the artists of visual arts in France live a serious economic crisis, artist known as institutional or not institutional. Apea want a power open with a minimum of social democracy. We claim the opening of collegial assemblies to accompany the institutions. In France, the Contemporary Art is controlled by a system antiquated, stupid, a closed power, closed, disrespectful. Tens of thousands of artists of visual arts live and work with 380€ per month… We are the only artists not to be paid by the authorities which use our talents for to animate the cities. They let believe in voters whom the market of art goes well and whom it can nourish us… They is false, lies, France sends chaos, to artists and to researchers.


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