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Welcome to the first online biennial of contemporary art on the net

par lili oto artiste plasticien art contemporain 23 Mai 2008, 16:42 Jeff Koons

Welcome to the first biennial of contemporary art on the net

This biennial of contemporary art or visual arts with a duration of two years open a heterogeneous space available to artists to support the creation, their artistic activity, dissemination of their artworks and their singularity. The Biennial allows the artist to create a dynamic for himself. Biennal aims to encourage creativity of artists, public access to culture and the dissemination of the art works on the net. Bloggers publish your articles with your point of view on the artists participating in this event. this biennal offers new prospects to the dissemination of the contemporary creation. We expect the artists involved in this biennal to open up to different movements of artists and to different publics. With the net, with a new vitality and a dynamic development, the conditions are more than favorable to international events for the contemporary art. this event invites buyers to browse amongst the pages. The seasoned collectors can see emerging artists. With the new technologies, the contemporary creation make use of new roads to reach new horizons. Artist, participate in this event and you will not hear as everywhere in France with the cultural institution: "I regret but we can't accede to your request". The creation of new platforms for collaboration and exchange between the artist and the collector of art need to be inspired by a new way of thinking. This space is a laboratory of ideas and creation. Growing out of movements of art dissident in France, " The new relativity ", this biennal provides a platform for intercultural and transdisciplinary practices.

An event for all contemporary artists, authors and creators, artist, painter, sculptor, interdisciplinary artist, performance artist, video artist, performer and composer, graphic artist, interactive artist, graffiti artist, critical artist, photographer, sculptor light installer, visual landscape, digital visual, conceptual artist, designer, artist virtual, light sculptor, Sound Sculptor, printmaker, media artist, installation artist, animation artist and so on.

All artistic expressions, all forms of medium for contemporary creation with or without the new technologies, computer art, conceptual art, electronic installation, sound art, abstract painting, robotics installation, light sculptural installations, underground art, digital light sculpture, happenings, dissident art, geometric art, installation art, textiles art, informal art, painting, internet art, art formal, land art, tag art, sculpture, naive art, urban art, minimalism, street art, digital art, dissident arts, subversive art, bioart, concrete art, art network, playful-art , fictional art, body art and so on.

Please remember to mention when you publish your articles : " biennial of contemporary art ".

To participate in this event, you must publish articles and inscribe your blog in this community.

amicably, lili-oto

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