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The light is in a ratio 2,5 between two-dimensional space and three-dimensional space. Spatial dimensions. Cone of light, Lili-oto theory

par lili oto artiste plasticien 23 Avril 2008, 13:56 contemporary art

When I started my research in the mid-80s on the figure intermediary between painting and sculpture, or between the two dimensional and three dimensional, I intuitively thought that the solution came to light and therefore a work associated with space light or as I discovered space-light...

Today I say that light is in a ratio 2,5 or in the dimensional 2,5 .

From my point of view in absolute terms, the second and a half dimension exists, or a 2.5-dimension exists, it is a fully-fledged space and according to my theories: the true dimension of the energy space or the space-energy.

I think the notion of time and the concept of speed do not exist in the universe. Therefore, speed and the time are only two element of conceptual value of the space and our limits of representation. The notion of time in reality and in my view can be only a time overdetermined, the time overdetermined is different from a relative time, what does not detract from the relativity.

In space as in my art: three concepts

ratio 2,5



For me, the figure intermediary between painting and sculpture is necessarily a cone of light, art and science moves closer. There are a cone of light in physics and a cone of light in art. The concept of cone of light are differents in the absolute.  The three concept elsewhere, the notion of absolute past and absolute future are closely linked to "become in the sense of emerging" in my art and my philosophy. In French we say : "en devenir"

The big difference between art and physics, is that the cone of light in art is in a ratio of 2.5, a ratio that exists in my mind in physics since this is the true dimension (2,5) of light.




Giselle 14/11/2008 12:28

Bonjour lili-oto,
je suis toute petite débutante dans la sphère virtuelle, aujourd'hui je regardais pour rejoindre une communauté et la tienne est apparue, yes, j'en ai pris pour mes mirettes, d'abord je n'ai pas tout saisi, mais rapidement j'ai navigué sur ton blog. les poésies sont poignantes, ton verbe est fort, les artistes que tu choisis sont poignant. mon blog est petit j'apprends, si je peux rejoindre ta communauté et faire un lien avec la suisse? merci giselle

lili-oto 15/11/2008 09:58

Merci c'est mignon... Ainsi tu feras le lien avec mon arbre généalogique, mon arrière grand-mère Chambettaz était suisse (Lausanne)...

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